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WUSCHKE - New Update for 2014


A new discovery this past year has traced the family back to Calbe (Saale) in Germany where our family lived before going to Prussia. There it was listed in the church records as Weschke and sometimes Waschke.


Although our cousin in Germany also found Weschkes in Calbe (Saale) some years ago we couldn't connect them to our family but more research has been done and it turns out the family she found was correct. Calbe (Saale) has a very large family of Weschkes in their historical church documents. All were related to the oldest ancestor, named Bendix we do not know where he came from before settling in Calbe (Saale).


Note: I think perhaps that he was the son of a Zacharius Weschke who was born in Quedlinburg, later he lived in Halle and was married to Ursula Hoppe, his occupation in 1587 was a Bürger (resident of Halle) and in 1597 his occupation was a Fleishmeister (master meat cutter). The dates seem to work out as well. Bendix was a common name in Quedlinburg and as his first son was also named Zacharius it could be that he was named after Bendix's father. And they had the same occupation. More research is needed though.


Researched Information



1. Bendix Weschke b: BEF 1629 d: 20 JUN 1659 in Calbe (Saale)

I am unable to find where he came from. He married before 1649 to NN who was born before 1630. She died 04 July 1675

Occupation: Bierbrauer- und Fleischhauermeister, Bürger der Stadt Calbe (Saale)


2. Zacharius Weschke Born 26 Dec. 1649, died 23 Sept 1722 at Calbe (Saale). He married on Oct.26,1675 to Anna Margaretha Winkler b. 28 Oct, 1650 Calbe (Saale) d. before 1692. Her Father was Georg Winkler.

Occupation: Bierbrauer- und Fleischhauermeister in Calbe (Saale)


3. His 6th child, Johann Tobias Weschke was born 22 Apr.1686 in Calbe (Saale) and died 20 May 1751. He married Elisabeth Below 13 May 1711 in Calbe (Saale). She was christened on 6 0ct 1684 and died 1 June, 1748. Her parents were Jacobus Below and Maragete Ruede

Occupation: Bürger und Fleischhauermeister in Calbe (Saale)


4. His oldest son. Johannes Tobias Weschke was born Feb 19, 1712. We have no death record.

Occupation: He was a tradesman, but became a soldier.


5. His oldest son. George Ernst Weschke (Wäschke) was born Nov. 22, 1742. He married Anna Elisabeth Dorothea Klessen.

He moved to Templeburg, Prussia, then to Jastow. We think he married in Templeburg and the first 2 children may have been born there. We have no death record.

Occupation: Saddlemeister




The Wäschke family has now been traced back to Jastrowie (Jastrow) in Northern Poland. Much thanks to Miles Ertman for tracking down this information.


The Wäschkes of Jastrow Prussia


1…George Ernst Wäschke B. Calbe on the Saale, lived in Templeberg Germany before moving to Jastrowie.

……+ Anna Elisabeth Dorothea Klessen .children registered in Jastrow:

………2 Johann Ernst Wäschke was confirmed in 1784; this places his birth date ca 1770. Born in Calbe before moving to Jastrow. (b. 1765 according to death certificate is an error) as his age is given at daughters baptism which also works out to 1770. Moved to Sompolno, Poland

………2 Friederich Wäschke b. ca 1772 born before moving to Jastrow. Moved to Sompolno.

………2 Gottlieb Wäschke, born 22 Nov 1775 Quite likely settled in the Siske area.

………2 George Ludwig Wäschke, born 1777, died 17 Sep 1778 at 1 year of age.

………2 Augustus Ludwig Wäschke, born 4 Jul 1779 probably settled in the Siske area

………2 Wilhelm Konrad Wäschke, born 1 Jun 1782 lived in Maslonke Mlyn,Chodecz. Poland

………2 Anna Elisabeth Wäschke, born 15 Oct 1784 lived at unknown location

………2 Karl Ernst Wäschke, born 1789 records were destroyed but he wasincluded with the others in Sompolno.





The following was written by

Ewald Wuschke December, 2000. Revised January 2004


The name Wuschke apparently was written Wäschke, (also Weszke and Weschke).

We find that four brother's, Johann, Friedrich, Karl Wäschke. and Nme Unknown show up in the Babiak, Siedlisk and Sompolno,

Poland Church records ca. 1807-1815.

All four brothers were born between 1770 and 1790. They were all married to wives who were 12 to 20 years younger than they were.

All four seem to be reasonably well educated. Johann became a school teacher and Friedrich and Karl owned woolen mills manufacturing woolen clothing.

The fourth brother was living in Siedlisk where a son Jakob Ludwig was born in 1823.

Looking at the time period it seems likely that they were serving in the Prussian military and possibly were part of the occupation forces

when the Sompolno, Babiak area was occupied by Prussia in 1792. Being in the armed forces would not be conducive to marriage. When Napoleon occupied Poland

and created the new Duchy of Warsaw in 1806-7 the Prussian occupation forces would have become redundant. Because all of Germany was under Napoleon's influence

the four Wäschke brothers, seeing business opportunities in Babiak and Sompolno, decided to stay in Poland.

They settled down and married wives who were 15 to 20 years younger than they were.


Family History Update


Johann Wäschke seems to be the eldest. He was born ca. 1770. He married Amalia Baum, who was 23 years younger than him. He originally operated the Woolen Mill in Sompolno, but then became a school teacher in Maydany, Kolo, then Debine followed by Wygorzele. In 1848, they were teachers in the village of Babice near Alexandrow. They had a number of children.


The second brother was Friedrich Weschke who was born 1772. The first entry about him was in the Babiak Church Records in 1812 when a child was baptized (it died) He was married to Eva Rosine (nee Jesse) daughter of Kristof and Anna Jesse. They had nine sons, of which five sons lived. 1. Friedrich Wilhelm, 2. August Ludwig, 3. Johann Samuel, 4. Karl Friedrich, 5. Ferdinand Karl. In 1827, Friedrich Weschke and family moved to Lodz, where both he and his wife died in 1828. Apparently the boys were taken in by Samuel Sommerfeld and his wife (a Jesse), who was possibly a niece to Eva Rosine (nee Jesse). The oldest son, Friedrich Wilhelm Weschke married a Rosine Schmidtke, and they lived in Antoniew Stoki near Lodz. August Ludwig, the second son, born 1820, could possibly be our forefather. There is no further information on the other three sons.


The third brother, Karl Weschke was born ca. 1778-84, married Mariane Klause, who was born ca. 1792 and was daughter of Johann Heinrich Klause and Katherine Stek. The Klauses had settled in the village of Zakrzewek, near where Sompolno would later be established. Mariane died 11 Feb. 1855 and Karl passed away 7 April, 1854 in Sompolno. (Mariane had a niece who married an Effa whose descendants settled around Yorkton, Sask.) According to old records, which have to be reverified, Karl had at least two sons and a daughter. One was August and the other Ludwig Ernst.


The fourth brother, name unknown, lived at Siedlisk, between Sompolno and Babiak in Poland. The only information we have is from a Babiak Church Index on births, which lists a Jakob Ludwig Weschke being born in 1823 at Siedlisk. I believe this is the Ludwig Wuschke whose family moved to Siske, Kr. Opocznow, Radom Poland and had at least three sons. In the mid-1860s they moved to Volhynia. The Children were:1. Gottfried Wuschke, born about 1830 married Christine Friske; 2. Ludwig Wuschke, and his wife Christine; 3. Gottlieb Wuschke, and his wife Anna Rosine; 4.?


According to family lore the Wäschke family spoke a Wendisch Platt, which places their linguistic centre around Magdeburg, Germany. The name Wäschke was changed to Weschke around 1815 and to Wuschke in approximately 1835 although different branches continued to use Weschke and Wäschke.



August Wuschke, son of either Friedrich Weschke and Rosine Jesse or Karl Weschke and Mariane Klause, was married around 1835 to Luise Rehbein. We believe she was born ca. 1813, daughter of Lorenz Rehbein and Anna Luise K(u)hn, at Babiak, Poland. There were several Rehbein families living in the Babiak area around 1800 - 1810. They seem to have come from Schoenlonke, Posen. After 1835 the Lorenz Rebein family literally disappears from the Babiak Records and we can assume that they were part of the emigration to the Lowicz, Brzeziny region in Poland, ca 1825 - 1835. The name Rehbein also appears in the Alexandrow, Poland records. They were part of the cloth industry workers who settled there around 1825. These Rehbeins came from Raumburg, Germany. Any Re(h)bein information would be greatly appreciated.



The earliest information that we have on the Altstadt family is a Johann Jakob Altstadt married to Elizabeth (Jaehn??). They were living in Prussia where their son Johann Michael Altstadt was born ca. 1788. They moved to Slawsk, Konin, Poland around 1790-95 where they first show up in the Wladyslawow Lutheran Church Records in 1795-96. The Prussia of 1788 generally took in West and East Prussia. In 1792, Poznan and Western Poland became part of Prussia so it is quite likely that they moved after 1792. Later Johann Jakob and his wife Mariane Elizabeth settled in the village of Maloszyn, Poland and their son, Michael, in the village of Genowefa where, in 1813, he married the neighbours daughter, Johanna Luise Schukraft. On Johann Michael's marriage and death record it says he was born in Prussia so we have to establish the Altstadt residence in Prussia. There are two places named Altstadt just south of Marienburg. Family tradition has it that the Altstadt family at one time was a "Von" Altstadt family. There is an Altstadt Castle in Saxony near Halle and around 1100-1300 the family called themselves 'Von Altstadt' It is my opinion that one of the junior brothers of the family joined the Teutonic Knights and in exchange for his service he received land grants in the newly established Prussia. There has been no written evidence to date that this was the case.



The Richert family name does crop up in various areas of Germany. From my Grandmother's brother I have an excerpt as to our branch of the Richert family which I received over 50 years ago.The Richert family emigrated around 1780-90 from Brandenburg, Germany and settled around Rawa-Mazowieka, in Poland. His name is unknown but a son, my forefather, was Samuel Richert who was born in Brandenburg and died near Mszczonow, near Warsaw, Poland. Samuel's son, Johann was born in this area and was married in the Mszczonow Catholic Church before 1840. His wife was a Mrs. Kunisch (nee Ittermann). He had one or more Kunisch half-brothers. From studying the Zhitomir Records (St. Petersburg) I would say that theRichert, Ittermann, and Kunisch families who were living in the Annette and Heimthal, Volhynia, area were family. They probably emigrated from Mszczonow to Volhynia around 1840 after Johann Richert had married the widow, Mrs. Kunisch. It is possible that some of the Ittermann and Richert names found in the Zhitomir death records from 1850-1870 could be my ancestors.



Johann Richert's son Ferdinand Richert married Luise Henschel daughter of Daniel Henschel and Dorothea Klemm around 1860. The Henschel family lived in the Rawa-Mazowiecka district.



The earliest date on the Singbeil family is Andreas Senkbeil, shepherd, who was married the , 27 Oct., 1795, to Marianne Benke, age 16, daughter of Christoph Benke of Kaczynker, Hauland. They lived at Maliniec, near Babiak, where their son, Michael, was born. Marianne Benke did around 1813 and Andreas then married a Susanne Radke who died in 1823. He then maried Anna Elenore Fandrai who died in 1826. In 1827 he married Anna Elizabeth nee Jesse age 50. Andreas died in Brdow near Przedecz around 1832. The Singbeil name (Sengbeil, Senkbeil, Senkpiel) shows up in the pre 1800 records of Rypin Lutheran church. It also shows up in the two districts between Rypin and Marienburg in West Prussia. It can then be assumed that Andreas Senkgfeil emigrated from the West Prussian area to the Babiak, Poland district sometime between 1770 and 1795. This again indicates a movement during the Prussian occupation 1792-1806. The Senkbeils were also found in the Oborki, Michalki parish in Poland where father and son were school teachers for a number of decades. Michael Singbeil married Anna Katherine Kisser, born ca 1795 in Lobonskie Hau., daughter of Martin and Anna Maria Kisser, around 1820 and they lived in the village of Hilarowe, Dombie. About 1850 they moved to the Turek Parish where Mrs. Singbeil died in 1851.



The Grams family is another old German family living In West Prussia. One can assume that the Grams also came from the Magdeburg area in Germany where there is a small village called Gramsdorf. They probably also joined the Teutonic Knights and were settled in Deutsch Krone around 1400. Around 1640 two Grams brothers founded the village called Gramsdorf (today; Bukowiec) in the Poznan district. They remained owners until about 1723 when, because the children were underage when their father died, the village was sold. The Grams family continued to live in Gramsdorf and around 1798 a Michael Grams with his family, (his son Andreas was born in Gramsdorf in 1795) moved to the Kolo district in Poland and settled in the village of Szczapanow where they lived until 1859 before immigrating to Tuczyn, Volhynia. Andreas Grams was married twice; first to Rosine Meier, then to Appolonia Krentz. Andreas daughters born between 1820 and 1840 were married to Paul Ludwig Mertyn, August Wilde, Martin Kwast, Gottlop Sengbeil, Gustav Fritz (Friske and Friss), and Martin Abraham. If anyone is researching these names I would appreciate any information about them.



When my great-grandfather's, Gottlop Singbeil, became a widower in 1870 he married a Mrs. Julianne Zado nee Stubel. My grandmother was only several years old when she received her new step-mother and was raised by her. Julianne had seven boys and one daughter. Two of the sons married my grandmother's sisters. A third Zado son was married to a Grams who was cousin to my grandmother. I am very interested in the Zado and Stubel(t) families as they relate to my family history.



The parents of my wife, Maria, were Eduard Schulz and Wanda Hamp. The Schulz family is still shrouded in the fog of yesteryear and has not been traced back. The Schulz family lived in the parish of Brzeziny, Poland but the family was not too extended. With the name Schulz being extremely common it will be difficult to trace the family further back than approx. 1832. The Hamp family has a longer record. They moved to Borowo (Wilhelmswald) near Brzeziny in 1801. They had come from Eichenwalde in Germany to Poland in 1776.. We have some evidence that they lived in the Konin area from 1776 to 1801 before settling at Borowo. The name is sometimes spelled, Hampf, and Hanf. Other names in Maria's family are: Siewert, Jeske, Kelm, Mathes, Krumrueck, Doering, Modro, Drewitz and Seemann. These families were located in the Lodz and Brzeziny parishes.

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