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Coat of Arms

1. On the Internet a young person named Wäsch had this picture posted.

2. When I ordered from a coats of arms store on the Internet, I received this one for the name Wäschke, and with minor alterations it also covered the names Wesche, Wasche, Waschke and Weaschke.


3. This one is for the name Weschke according to the same source. I didn't ask for other information about it so I don't know why it is connected to the name.

4. This one is for the name Wuschke from the same source. At a guess from other information I believe this one is linked to the name Wutschke. It is polish in design.

5. This one someone else purchased from a different source for the name Wuschke.


Just for fun I looked up other coats of arms that had the 3 stars on them and found the following.

6. The family Kospoth has this one. It has a different crest on the helmet. According to one source on the Internet in Germany the crests are what differentiates the families?

7. Here we have 3 gold stars, this coat of arms is believed to have belonged to the family Sachsen of the German High Aristocracy, it was passed to Gero I von Heunburg and then to the Counts von Cilli in 1341, then it was passed down to the last 2 daughters of the line. One was Barbara von Cilli, who married King Sigmund von Luxemburg and Bohemia, and the other was Anna von Cilli who in 1401 became the second wife of Wladislaw II King of Poland and her coat of arms is registered there as well. Also of the Cilli line, Count Wilhelm married Anna daughter of King Kazimierz III the Great of Poland in 1380.

8. The 3 gold stars in this one are from the arms of the Princes of Lobkowitz, who owned the County Störnstein in the area of Waldnaab, Germany. Their family originated from Austria and are descendants of the von Cilli family. Close to this area the families Wäsch, Kospoth and Lobkowitz meet at a time when the families could have intermixed, interesting thought.

9. This one is for the family Reute in the 1300's. It has three, eight pointed silver stars on it

10. This is the seal of the royal stamp of the Cilli family, which is currently in the museum in Brussels. Note that it also has eight pointed stars on it instead of 6 as their coats of arms show. Another puzzle?

All in all I don’t think any of the above coats of arms fit our particular family.

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