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Hello and Welcome to the Wuschke Family and Dialect Site!

This site is dedicated to the Wuschke Family past and present and to the dialect we spoke.

The genealogy is the work of Ewald Wuschke well known, Genealogist, Historian and Editor of the Wandering Volhynian magazine, who passed away 7 Nov. 2008. He believed:

Our children and grandchildren need and have the right to know who their forefathers were. They need to know about their ancestors' successes and failures, for without that they will become directionless. Pride in one's history, one's family, and with one's self, creates stability, inner peace and confidence. This can only come about if we pass our history on to our children and grandchildren and their children.

The dialect is my pet project to preserve our language that is on the edge of extinction.

I hope that through this site we can share information and find family members we have lost contact with or do not yet know.

Please look around the site and if you have any further information about the family or the language please contact me at info[at]wuschke[dot]ca. Thank you.